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A Capstone project submitted to the Faculty of the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Religion and Culture.

Pevehouse Thesis (Final draft).pdf
By James Pevehouse, 2020 -- "As part of the clergy staff of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Waco, Texas, I have wondered what practices are used to help experience a deep relationship with God, especially when it is affirmed that believing in God is…

Gumbeze Doctoral Thesis 2020.pdf
By Nyasha Gumbeze, 2020 -- "Anglican congregations throughout Western countries are struggling with the decline of membership numbers as the societal context becomes more secular. Members at Henderson Anglican Church in Auckland, New Zealand, are…

Graham Thesis Final.pdf
By Alexander C. Graham IV, 2020 -- "Go up to a group of clergy and say, “let’s talk about Church musicians…” and the eyerolls will be ubiquitous and revelatory. Go up to a group of Church musicians and do the reverse, and expect to encounter the same…
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