Joy Cometh in the Morning : Ritual, Art, and Crisis


Joy Cometh in the Morning : Ritual, Art, and Crisis


This Capstone Project is designed to celebrate the triumph of The Episcopal
Church as it moved through the crisis of HIV/AIDS in North America in the last third of the twentieth century. My objective is to tell a story about how the Episcopal Church is capable of implementing the miracles of God for the people. What follows are two essays and an original play that make up the Capstone Project. One essay focuses on the realities of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980’s, and the reaction of The Episcopal Church. This first essay looks into the relationship that Christianity has with pandemics, what sets The Episcopal Church apart, and how The Episcopal Church was able to lead in that time. The second essay follows the, often overlapping, twin histories of Christian ritual and theatrical performance. This work is witness to the broad similarities, and crucial differences, between theatre and church services. Both essays bolster, reinforce, and illuminate the third piece of The Capstone project; an original one-act play entitled Joy Cometh in the Morning. Together these three elements display the ability of The Episcopal Church to face and overcome crises.


Halsey, H. Schuyler




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November 29, 2023
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Halsey, H. Schuyler, “Joy Cometh in the Morning : Ritual, Art, and Crisis,” Bishop Payne Library at Virginia Theological Seminary, accessed April 19, 2024,