Paradox Unpacked : Jesus as God in the Gospel of John


Paradox Unpacked : Jesus as God in the Gospel of John


The Prologue of the Gospel of John previews the theological framework which guides readers through the book. This thesis identifies in the Prologue three paradoxes pertaining to Jesus’ identity, mission, and purpose and traces them through the remainder of GJohn, showing that each paradox is fundamental to Johannine theology. The paradox of identity shows the relationship between Jesus Christ the Word of God and God the Father. The paradox of mission shows how the Word made flesh brings grace and truth in conjunction with the Spirit of truth. The paradox of purpose shows how the Word offers life to the world through his death. In the Book of Signs and the Farewell Discourse, Jesus’ words and actions develop each paradox further, both heightening and lessening the inherent tensions. By the Passion Narrative, the characters in GJohn and the readers themselves are asked to respond with belief to the paradoxical reality of Jesus Christ, through which belief they gain eternal life in him. Through careful exegesis of each relevant passage, this thesis shows how the author of GJohn uses paradox as a tool to present difficult concepts which are not easily explained but are foundational to an understanding of Johannine theology. This lays a foundation for further examination of GJohn through the lens of paradox.


Layton, Molly Jane




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November 14, 2023
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