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VTS Master's Theses


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Developing a theology of personhood : the case of dementia.
By Janice M. Hicks, 2017. "1. The argument in this thesis is that the over-valuing of rationality in Western culture has distorted our view of personhood, especially as applied in the case of dementia. Christian and secular philosophers and…

A constructive missiological approach to short-term mission
By Robin Elaine Denney, 2017. -- This thesis moves toward a constructive theology of mission amidst the core problems associated with short-term mission: paternalism, dependency and disempowerment, and lack of critical reflection. Voices in World…

Beyond the Binary: Worshipping a Non-Binary, Gender-Queer God
By Robert Grant Mansfield, 2018 --"God is GenderQueer, thus humanity is GenderQueer! God is Non-Binary, thus humanity is Non-Binary! Such powerful, prophetic proclamations of who God is, has always been, and will always be, especially for the…

Cross-cultural ministry and the response of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Ruaha
By Nhayo, Pearson Yoram, 2018 -- "God’s creation is diverse, multicultural and Many Colors. Every creature,including the human being, is unique in its type to fulfill God's purpose in that creature. In such uniqueness, differences in …

The alchemical eucharist : the Christian influence on Medieval esotericism
By Evancho, Nicholas, 2018 -- "Because the foundation of medieval philosophical and conceptual thought was the context of Christian doctrine and practice, when inquiry began into the workings of the natural world it was done from the same…

Clergy wellbeing : toward a rule of life in Myanmar's local context
By Phyu, Nant Elizabeth Ei Huin, 2019 -- "Clergy hold a place of honor in society in Myanmar’s local context. Clergy are the role models for spiritual figures and congregations have high expectations for them. However, the wellbeing of clergy serving…

The kingdom of God in the Gospel of Luke and its social implications for the church in China
By Lin, Web-En, 2019 -- There is consensus among New Testament scholars that the kingdom of God is the central theme of Jesus’ message in the Synoptic Gospels. This thesis seeks to demonstrate that self-sacrificial love and social service to those in…

The Use of story in spiritual direction
By Harre, Jeffri, 2019 -- Story is one of the primary ways in which Christianity has been transmitted through generations. Formation leaders, spiritual directors, and clergy frequently stress the importance of storytelling in sharing our faith. Yet…

Faith formation for children with disabilities
By Pace, Allison, 2019 -- "Every person with a disability deserves every accommodation possible because we are all created in the image of God. I am inspired to write on this topic because of my experience working with children with disabilities and…
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