The alchemical eucharist : the Christian influence on Medieval esotericism


The alchemical eucharist : the Christian influence on Medieval esotericism


Lord's Supper -- History of doctrines -- Middle Ages, 600-1500.
Alchemy -- Religious aspects -- Christianity -- Middle Ages, 600-1500.
Creation -- History of doctrines -- Middle Ages, 600-1500.


By Evancho, Nicholas, 2018 -- "Because the foundation of medieval philosophical and conceptual thought was the context of Christian doctrine and practice, when inquiry began into the workings of the natural world it was done from the same theological origin. God was seen as the origin of all things and the supreme governor of the world and so it was firmly believed that anything which was true of God would be true of the world at least in a limited sense. Within the medieval consciousness, there was an assumed link between the study of the Creator and the study of the creation and each was able to inform the study of the other.

In today’s world, the idea that scientific inquiry should begin within the framework of Christian theology seems misguided and antiquated. However, in the Middle Ages there was not yet an intellectual distinction between the veracity of theology and that of physical science. This allowed for a sort of spiritual science which conceived of a divinely infused world in which all perceived truths were intimately related and knowledge of the Creator dictated the understanding of the creation. It is difficult for the modern mind to blend the beliefs of faith with the distinctions and formulas of science but for the medieval theologians and esotericists it was impossible to separate the two without somehow admitting that one was not fully true. Through the recovery of the spirit of these esoteric doctrines, the modern Christian can regain an openness to a universe of divine immanence and action during a time where the natural world is understood solely through a mechanical lens."


Evancho, Nicholas


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April 26, 2018


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