Beyond the Binary: Worshipping a Non-Binary, Gender-Queer God


Beyond the Binary: Worshipping a Non-Binary, Gender-Queer God


Gregory, of Nyssa, Saint, approximately 335-approximately 394. Ad Ablabium.
Coakley, Sarah, 1951-
Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984.
Gender nonconformity -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.
Gender identity -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.
Homosexuality -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.


By Robert Grant Mansfield, 2018 --"God is GenderQueer, thus humanity is GenderQueer! God is Non-Binary, thus humanity is Non-Binary! Such powerful, prophetic proclamations of who God is, has always been, and will always be, especially for the hundreds of thousands of individuals who understand and locate themselves outside of the current societal and Christian understanding of humanity and the Divine. These statements are shocking, confusing, and offensive to many. Excluding small, growing, committed branches of the church that promote a wide array of expansive language and imagery to describe and experience God, the Church as a whole, over the course of its life, has overwhelmingly and continues to teach and see God as a white, European, heterosexual man. Of course my original statement brings about strong opposition and confusion; if the Church cannot easily accept diverse images of God that reside within its own constructed gender binary (God as female, God as homosexual, etc.) that it has established to understand humanity and God, what else would the response be to a proclamation that God is also beyond that very binary that has been used to understand ourselves and our God for most of human history?" -- page 3


Mansfield, Robert Grant


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