The JesusTalk program: developing student leaders for empowered campus evangelism


The JesusTalk program: developing student leaders for empowered campus evangelism


Erskine College.
Church work with students.
College students -- Religious life.
Christian leadership -- Study and teaching -- Case studies.
Spiritual formation.
Evangelistic work.


By Robert J.F. Elsner, 2016. "The overall purpose of the project was to develop leadership that could change the campus culture to be truer to the Christian mission of a small, rural, distressed Christian college. A total of 157 students participated in the progressive components of this study, including associate researchers (8), Focus group participants (38), Semi-structured interviewees (28), one-on-one (clinical) interviewees (25), role-play training and survey of campus leaders (34). A series of vignettes allowed for role-playing investigations of themes of evangelism. Participants completed a pre-program assessment, participated in the two weeks of training, and another two weeks later completed a post-training assessment that included views on the training itself. Members of student organizations (n=34) were then assessed changes in leadership two weeks after the final leader assessment. Results indicate that the program was effective in changing leaders' views of faith and fear, and was perceived as being efficacious by both leaders and organizational members. Similar evangelical leadership programs could be developed in other collegiate and youth environments to serve the Church and reverse the current trends of youth leaving the church."


Elsner, Robert J. F.


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Virginia Theological Seminary.




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