Listening for the Monastic Imagination


Listening for the Monastic Imagination


By Walker, Demarius J. (2021) -- "My project starts with Jesus’ questions to his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” The question is as pertinent today as it was over 2000 years ago. The question invites us into the prophetic imagination. One way the Christian community has sought to live out this imagination is found in the intentional ways of life that arise cyclical in the church, broadly named monasticism. Over the course of 10 interviews I speak with scholars, traditional monastics, and individuals engaged with “the new monasticism” seeking to hear how their lives shed light on this question for the contemporary church. My goal in producing this project in the form of a podcast series is to make this wisdom more accessible to spiritual seekers who are not likely to read an academic paper or even attend a church service yet who are still compelled to listen for the voice of Jesus."


Walker, Demarius J.

Publisher The Thurman Forum


May 2021


Online resource


Date Added
May 17, 2021
VTS Masters Theses
Walker, Demarius J., “Listening for the Monastic Imagination,” Bishop Payne Library at Virginia Theological Seminary, accessed April 19, 2024,