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Mutual Blessings : Towards a community centered on the sacredness of creation


By Scott, Matthew R. (2020) -- "An opportunity for dialog between church members and unchurched local environmental activists offers an evangelistic…

Celebrating the Music of Appalachia in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Tradition: Mission, Evangelism, and Renewal

Holder - VTS, PT Celebrating..., APPROVED, April 29, 2021.pdf

"Traditional music of Christian faithful in Southern Appalachia offers hope and richness, greater community, and life for Episcopal churches…

The Post-Colonial Imperative of Interreligious Dialogue : Translating the missio Dei through Nicholas Black Elk’s Multireligious Participation


By Hubbard, Joe. (2021) -- "This conversation around the nature of “mission,” the church’s role in it –as well as the role of the “missionary” …