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The influence of American Missionaries on the culture, education, and medicine of Tamil people in Jaffna, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Vijayathasan Daniel Jeyaruban Thesis April 26, 2021 final.pdf

By Vijayathasan, Daniel Jeyaruban (2021) -- In the 19thCentury, as a result of the American Presbyterian and Congregationalist Missionaries of the…

Church in the Forefront:Addressing Violence Against Women in the Anglican Diocese of Bondo, Kenya.

Church in the forefront: Addressing violence against women in the Anglican Diocese of Bondo, Kenya

Gender-based violence is recognized as a pressing social issue because of its psychological and physical consequences to …

The Significance of Inculturation for Evangelism: A case study of The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Masasi, Tanzania.


This thesis presents the process of inculturation as an effective means to render the Christian faith more meaningful and practical to people in their…